The National Colleges Initiative is a collaboration between The National College for Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, The ELK-Health Foundation, The National College of Clinical Mindfulness, The Eric Leonard Kruse National College for Integrated Group Practice Healthcare, The National Society for Hypnosis, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness, 5-Way Mindfulness-led Clinical Programmes and the National Institutes for Clinical Research into Stress.

Its purpose is to encourage clinicians to have a broader knowledge of different types of talking therapies, so that they can more confidently refer their clients to one another and, if they wish, learn a broader range of skills, giving better programmes of care to more people whilst increasing their earning capacity.

Too many people are forced to wait for long periods for that support – delays that would cause an outrage if they had a heart condition or cancer. Currently, only a third of people with mental health challenges get mentoring or therapy.

The National Colleges Initiative is a campaign to train qualified and aspiring health, social care and HR professionals to provide affordable support quickly and effectively. To the good of the client, health services, employers and society as a whole, all around the world.

In collaboration with Tessa Blanshard-Phibbs  be-s

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