ZenZee is a vision for an ever growing brand which -in time- can help so many people in so many ways.


Within the next 3 years, ZenZee Shop – and the ZenZee brand itself – will become so much more than an online shop. The goal is to build a strong and supportive community of interest around the brand. Social community Members will shop there, encourage others to shop there and are vital to its success. Members can influence the strategic direction of the business in a variety of ways: by giving feedback and ideas, ask questions or having a discussion about natural remedies in general. By then ZenZee Shop will be offering 30 to 50+ different natural remedy products for babies, toddlers and mum-to-be that people increasingly want to buy and for which there is an increasing market.


The most useful thing a person can do in this world is to create ethical employment in a business environment which respects everything we hold important: Our people and our planet. The mission is to be a globally recognized inspiring baby brand, offering high quality natural remedy products at reasonable prices and putting people and the planet above profit. This is to be done within the confines of growing a commercially viable business for longevity, whilst respecting the needs of our customers, our teams and our suppliers.


It is possible to look at the world through this mantra, making decisions which do not always relate back to improvements in the bottom line profit. This is not a marketing ploy; it’s who the team members are. This is the ethos under which the business was launched 6 months ago, and this is How Hajnalka, the founder of ZenZee SHop is teaching Yoga for 10+ years now, and how it continues to be run in the future. You can do well, whilst doing good.

The new parent(s) of a baby who wish to make the best possible decisions concerning the day-to-day care of their infant but receive conflicting messages from friends, family, advertising, and healthcare providers.



Get back to the initial spark of excitement behind ZenZee Shop creation. Beyond earning an income, what was the drive behind it all?
The vision is simple: ZenZee Shop is a vision to celebrate motherhood and to raise our children in a natural way by offering natural remedies.


Marketing and Communications challenges: Driving awareness, Engage and inspire. Tell compelling stories, build movements through social media.


Design and Development Challenges: Split screen: so both product line would appear at once on all devices, product photography and packaging design.


ZenZee Shop would like to conduct itselves as a company with:

– A brand name that connotes quality, credibility, trust and caring.
– Teamwork and coordination at all levels. Treat each other with consistency, fairness and respect.
– A clearly defined and enforced code of conduct to promote honesty and integrity.
– Honest, open and constructive communications.
– Access to information and advice (printed, Internet and word of mouth) about the effectiveness and safety of products.



We started by researching how costumers were interacting with similar products in general and used this to create a number of user journeys. It became clear that customers wanted outstanding images, great details about the products and also a great browsing experience as well as be able to quickly find particular content when necessary. Customers also needed easy access to information like Important Safety notice, Certificate Of Authenticity for Amber Teething Necklace and the meaning Behind the Pregnancy Bola.


For ZenZee Shop the tone of voice is important, it should be consistent across all channels, giving the visitor something to respond and relate to and it’s an expression of the people behind the brand.

By utilizing large high-end product photos and subtle, yet elegant typography, we were able to convey the brand’s message across the entire website.

We took a mobile first approach in creating this responsive e-commerce website.
This was very important, given the brand’s mobile usage was expected to be over 50% of their customer base.


The website is built using WordPress and Woocommerce, giving the ZenZee Shop team a simple interface to manage the content. We also included features that allow them to manage product stock, easy to use onsite SEO and plan automated social media posts.
The design is clean and simple, allowing the site to be fully responsive, and features high quality imagery throughout.


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